Are you a leader who has a 2016 performance goal to improve already strong or not so strong engagement of your team? If so, try one or all of the suggestions below and notice the difference it makes.

Below are three FREE and incredibly effective actions you can take to improve engagement of your team members starting today:

  1. Most team members work for three things autonomy, mastery and purpose. (Drive, Dan Pink) These motivational tools are free to you as a leader and create significant benefit for your team members. As you have 1×1’s and set or review progress on goals, ask your team members of the 3 which resonates with them most. Depending on their answer, determine how you can increase their autonomy, mastery or purpose in their day-to-day jobs.
  1. Say “thank you” every day, at least once a day. Find a reason to appreciate someone in the first 5 minutes of your next meeting. Your team wants to know that you notice the efforts they make and results they produce. They can only know what you are thinking when you tell them. You earn bonus points if you point out specifically what they’ve done that has made you especially grateful that day.
  1. Find a focal point on your work commute that triggers you to think about your team. One executive had a stop sign 7 minutes before he hit his driveway at night. When he saw this stop sign, it triggered him to think about his day – what did he intend to do, what did he do, what did he learn? He’d make a note of what he learned so that when he passed that stop sign the next morning he could reflect on what he learned and how he’d put it to practice on this new day. You can do something like this using a frame to focus on your team and how you can engage them more effectively.