The Rocket Model

Build High Performance Teams with the Rocket Model

rocketmodelThe Rocket Model defines the eight critical components every team needs in order to achieve its potential.  Developed by Dr. Gordon Curphy and Dr. Robert Hogan, The Rocket Model is the result of decades of research and application.  It identifies the key components for every team to define for success: Context, Mission, Talent, Norms, Buy-In, Power, Morale and Results.  Clarity in these areas will align the team and generate the energy needed to reach peak performance.

The Team Assessment Survey II (TAS-II) assesses the team on its alignment within the Rocket Model and identifies key areas for development.  The 30 minute survey is completed by each team member, its leadership and other stakeholders to provide insight into operational effectiveness.  The results generated guide the team through “making the implicit explicit” conversations into areas that affect team performance.  This results in a stronger, well aligned team ready to take on its mission.

Learn how the TAS II and Rocket Model can advance the capabilities of your teams.